Monday, December 1, 2008

Photos from our Weekend Trip to Savannah

This is in front of our house right before we left!
Liberty St. - this is our hotel- it is impossible to get a good picture of it since it is so tall and you can't get very far from it. It is the Hilton DeSoto in the Historic District of Savannah - we enjoyed our stay very much!
Our room
On Friday we just got out and wandered the streets of Savannah. They are full of the most beautiful shops, and scenery. This little shop was right behind our hotel - "shopSCAD" All of the things in this boutique were hand made by SCAD students (Jon's college)

It was my favorite shop of all!
Forsyth Park - Jon use to have to come here for his drawing class!
Outside of "The Lady and Sons" Paula Dean's Restaurant.
Jon was getting a little friendly with Paula in her shop....
Friday night we ate at VinnieVanGoGo's, Jon's favorite pizza place in Savannah. (Here it is Birdie's, and in Louisville it is Wick's - we love pizza!)
A man was kind enough to take our picture at the CROWDED restaurant.
Jon wanted to eat, but I wanted to take a picture:)
YUMMY pizza
On Saturday Jon drove me around to where he lived - Wilmington Island. We at at a greek cafe called Basil's and then drove to the pier on Tybee Island...
Jon wanted a picture of me, but the wind kept blowing my hair in may face - so this is the best we could do haha
Again, someone was so sweet to take our picture - it is hard on a vaca with only 2

Saturday night we got a reservation at "The Lady and Son's" (we went there at 3 but couldn't get in until 8:15) This is the only picture we got - we were enamored with the food - it was DEFINITELY worth the wait!
On Sunday morning we got up early and checked out of our hotel and walked across the street to a little cafe we had been eyeing all weekend
It was very cute and tasty - everything was made in house.

We had a great weekend. I fell in love with the city of Savannah - I would love to live there! I would recommend a weekend trip!

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