Thursday, September 29, 2011

i year ago today...

‎1 year ago I was holding my little man in my arms for the first time all alone! I just snuck into his room to watch him asleep for a minute, he is sleeping so peacefully like a precious little guy - just like he was 1 year ago! We have had many crazy/wild/eventful days since then, but these peaceful, snuggly times still capture my heart as much as the first moment I laid eyes on him! Love my little Anderson man! Can't believe he was 1 today! God is so loving to give us a glimpse of how he loves us!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I feel like we have had so much going on lately! This past Friday night we had Anderson's 1 year old (2 weeks early) and our Family pictures done! We had SUCH a great time and are so thankful for the fantastic job Audrey Anderson did! We have just seen a few proofs that she posted on Facebook, but will get the rest of them Thursday evening!

I can't believe my baby is going to be 1 one week from tomorrow! He looks so grown up in our pictures - where has the time gone? We have a lot to do over this next week to get ready for his party! I am in the process of making a birthday banner, Tissue puffs, and ruffle streamers! I have to order balloons and BBQ from Mark's, Jon has to finish the big red boat he is making out of cardboard (We are doing a Where the Wild Things Are theme!), not to mention several "projects" I am trying to get done around the house before Jon's mom comes next Friday. I feel like I need a month - not just a week!

For Anderson's actual birthday day (the 29th) we are planning to trip to Huber's just the 3 of us. And then his party will be on Saturday. We are so excited to celebrate our little Man! Here are a few of the pictures that Audrey posted on FB:
We also have an appointment for Anderson to see the Doctor again about his hips (he was born with dis-locatable hips) and we are praying that his x-ray will look like a normal
12 month old! Last time they were really close, but his ball joints were still cartilage and still needed to ossify - so please, if you would pray that for us as well it would be much
appreciated! I will post the stats of our 12 month check up as well as birthday pics after the craziness of this next week subsides!