Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Friday Night

Last night Jon and I had several friends over to the apartment. My sister Lauren and her fiance Chad, Lindsey Poenie, Kristy White, Lauren Farmer, and Alyssa Laing! We had a blast just hanging out and laughing at old times! I think back fondly on the college days, and miss hanging out until ridiculous hours, and studying at Java, and being around so many friends who are in the exact same life stage as myself - that in between stage - where your schedule is different ever day and more flexible than you even realize! But honestly I prefer where I am right now - I love being Jon's wife, and the keeper of our home, even the cooking and the laundry is a delight! But times like last night make me thankful for the path the Lord guided me through to get me here! I have sweet friends :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Friend

Lindsey Poenie!

I am so excited that my dearest friend is coming in town to visit this weekend! Linds is going to be surprising her dad and brother to celebrate Father's Day and her little Bro Garrett's birthday! And lucky me - I get the joy of hanging out with her Friday Night! It has been far too long! Get excited!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend was so much fun! The weather in Louisville was PERFECT, and Jon and I got to relax and spend time with friends and family! On Friday we went to lunch at Corbett's (see previous post), went shopping for Stew's birthday - this Thursday, got our driver's licenses changed to KY -DO NOT ask Jon about this experience, he was not a happy camper, and had our first softball game - well technically it was the third but it was our first one we were able to make. In the softball game Jon had an AMAZING catch - he was in the outfield and the bases were loaded and the score was 7 (us) to 5(them). The ball looked like it could go over the fence, but Jon jumped and caught it - much to my surprise (and his - you should have seen the look on his face - haha)! It was a fun time!

On Saturday I worked a bit and then cooked dinner at home for us. Jon went out to Charlestown IN with my dad to check out this Cart Racing thing they do out there. I think Jon may get into this hobby - in lieu of auto cross since they only meet on Sunday mornings here! I think it will be a great thing for him, my dad, bro, and whoever else wants to join them!

On Sunday we had a wonderful morning of worship at Highview! We then ate a yummy lunch of Chicken Fajitas with my family and played cornhole all afternoon. I love to play this game, and my whole family has gotten pretty good! But I must say the Ringo's came over, and Dean Ringo is a champ at cornhole! Unbeatable - at least at our house :)

Praise the Lord for beautiful weather and great fellowship!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Perks of the Job

As the Concierge for the Seminary I have been contacting local restaurants to build relationships with them, learn their reservation and large group policies, and get copies of their menu. One of these Restaurants, Corbett's, located near the summit offered to treat me and a guest to lunch. I took Jon, and we went on Friday for lunch!I had never been to Corbett's before, and it was such a lovely place! Even though it is located in a somewhat industrial area with a branch of Norton's nearby as well as Costco, when you sit on their patio - which we did - thank you Lord for the perfect weather - you feel as though you are in the country! WE enjoyed the Prix Fixe 3 course lunch and it was fantastic. We were most impressed with the appetizer course - Jon had the Quesadilla and I had the Calamari - hands down the best Calamari I have ever had! It is a bit pricey ($20 for the lunch 3 course prix fixe and their lunch entrees are from 10-13 dollars), but well worth it! The atmosphere, service, and food itself was divine! I highly recommend it for a special date anniversary or birthday! I'm sure their dinner is fantastic also with prices ranging from $20-35. Click the link where I first mentioned Corbett's and check out their website - the pictures do not do the atmosphere justice!