Friday, September 6, 2013

Matching piggies

I thought this should be documented! Heading to the beach tomorrow and Camille got her first pedicure - from me of course! Now we have matching piggies! The first one of many I am sure! Love having a sweet baby girl to share the girly milestones with!

Family life

It has been a while since I posted a family update! Things in the Malko household are going pretty great! As normal and crazy as ever. Life is so different with 2 kiddos on the move! Camille has been crawling since she was 6 months old (whew... This Momma wasn't ready for that) and she is busier than ever! She crawls FAST, pulls up on anything and everything and does a tiny bit of cruising! She has also recently figured out how to go from crawling to sitting and back to crawling again. She is into everything and  plays pretty well independently! She had 1 tooth, her bottom left. Lately she has become quite attached to her momma, especially if she is sleepy. She says "mama" which is her only word right now. She babbles baba a lot though it doesn't seem like she has related it to anything yet. She is the happiest baby, especially when she first wakes up! Going to get her from her crib is one of my favorite moments! She lights up and squeals when she sees us walk in her room :)

Anderson is almost 3!! I cannot believe it. I feel like over the past 3 months I have watched my baby completely fade away and transform into this little boy. It has honestly been really sweet. He is so smart and observant. He says the most surprisingly witty things, and has gotten a little sassy.. I think it comes from having such good understanding but not quite knowing how to use it appropriately. We are working on that ;) he loves to sing and LOUD - especially in the car! His favorite is the "Songs for the Book of Like" cd that Sojourn collaborated with other churches to create. It is so sweet to hear him sing such deep theological truths in such a precious voice! I could seriously listen to him all day... I basically melt every time we are in the car. He loves planes trains and cars, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, his "baby doggy" and pretend play. He loves to bring me presents (random toys) and when I ask if I can keep it forever, every time he says "no mom, it's to borrow, borrow means give it back". Haha. He also loves to "talk cars" with all of his hot wheels. He is the funniest most loving little guys - even though he is sometimes a little too rough with his sis. But it is the absolute best to hear them laughing and playing together!

Jon's business is going super great! He is so busy but still finds plenty of time to love on all of us :) we love his flexible schedule and appreciate so much his self discipline and commitment to work hard to provide for us. We are all headed to Destin, FL for vacation tomorrow, and are soooo looking forward to this vacation. Then next weekend we head from Destin, to Fort Myers to visit Jon's family! We cannot wait for his grandparents to meet Camille and to see how grown up Anderson is.

Here are a few recent pictures...