Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend recap

What a nice weekend! I haven't had a weekend that felt so long in a while! My good friend Stacy Scroggins celebrated her Birthday on Saturday, and in celebration she got a room at the Marriott on Marco Island. She invited me along, as well as 2 girls that she works with, and we had a great time laying at the beach and the pool on Friday and Saturday!

While I was relaxing at the beach Jon got us at 7:30am and went "mountain biking" with 3 guys from our Sunday School Class. I know I know - how do you mountain bike in Southwest Florida where there isn't so much as a hill? Well there is a course built up in North Fort Myers - apparently it is pretty hard core - they went down a black diamond (did I mention this was Jon's 1st time) Only minor battle wounds incurred.

On Saturday Night we went to dinner at Moe's with Jon's grandparents, and then to see the movie Defiance with our friends Tim and Tiffany. It was a FANTASTIC movie about a group of Jewish Refugees that escaped from the Nazi's by living and traveling through the forest for 3 years - a tear jerker!

Backstage was AMAZING last night. One of our Senior Guys, Tariq Castillo brought the God's word in a powerful way! Our students experienced true worship last night, and it was so encouraging! Jon and I are so excited about what the Lord is doing in our high school ministry! Please continue to pray with us for God's glory to be revealed to our students, and for their lives to be changed so much that they impact Southwest FL and beyond with the gospel message!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life is Busy

Life has been so busy lately - and I know I have totally neglected the blog! I will give you an update on like for the Malko's....

This past weekend we had a GREAT time hanging out at the High School Lock-in @ our church (even though we only stayed til midnight) it was a blast!

At our Backstage program Sunday night 2 students prayed to receive Christ - Jon had the opportunity to pray with one of the young men - it was awesome! Please join us in praying for our Student Ministry and all of the exciting things the Lord has in store this year!

Jon worked ALL weekend but we still were able to relax and watch some movies - we HIGHLY recommend Netfilx! Especially if you have xbox 360 because you can stream movies from the Internet right to your TV with NO wait time! We stayed close to home and had a great weekend!

It is FREEZING here - I know I know everyone from up north would be in shorts here right now - but to us Thin-Blooded Floridians i am FREEZING! I'm talking wool sweater and closed toe shoes - I'm not sure how people handle the FROZEN TUNDRA that is Louisville right now! haha!

Change is happening - and no I'm not talking about President Obama haha! Our lease is up in April, an Jon and I are still trying to decide what direction the Lord is leading us! To buy to rent to stay to move - we are coming close to making some choices through much prayer - so if you think of us pray that the Lord will open and close doors to place us in the place we can serve Him best!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brookie's B-Day

On Saturday Night Jon and I went to the Birthday Party of a girl in our Student Ministry, Brooke Jennings. Brooke is a junior in High School and just turned 17, and she is very close to Jon and I. I actually disciple Brooke, we have done several Bible studies together, and most Wednesday nights she stays the night at our house and we spend some time at Starbucks before I take her to school on Thursday! She is an awesome girl and we were so glad to celebrate with her. Her party was actually a surprise! Here are a few pics...
These are some of her friends waiting for her to arrive...
The story that her mom came up with was for Jason, Brooke's boyfriend to tell her his grandparents were in town staying at a hotel in town (where her mom had rented a room for the party), and that he wanted her to meet them... here they are pulling into the parking lot.

Brooke's mom was so nervous - she was cracking all of us up!

Some of the girl's ready for Brooke to walk in the door

Brooke's REAL surprise face - haha

Here is a picture of Brooke and I
Some of the high schoolers hanging out
Brooke opening out gift to her
Tori smashed a cupcake in Brooke's face - she was a good sport!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Brooke's face was stained purple - haha! Good thing they went to the movies where it was nice and dark!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Pictures

Jon and I celebrated our first Christmas together in Kentucky with my side of the family. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Christmas Eve or Morning because Christmas morning is when I opened my camera :). I did however get some pictures of Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and a few in between :)
The only picture of present opening that I have is of my grandparents opening the gifts Jon and I got them - Fort Myers Sweatshirts :)
Lo cleaning up the dishes from Christmas dinner - she is going to make a great wife ;)

The original Anderson's - my dad with his sis and parents

Jon and I after the festivities
Nanny and Pap with the grandkids - I'm not sure why Jon and Chad were left out of this picture

On Monday after Christmas we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Lo and Chad's wedding... Linds and I are both bridesmaids, so it was a ton of fun! Before trying on dresses we ate - of course - why do we always eat before trying on clothes anyways? haha! We had wonderful sushi at a cute little store on Lexington Rd.
Here is mom with Linds and Lo
And me with Linds and Lo
We tried on lots of really cute dresses - this particular one was Lindsey's FAVORITE - haha - she is going to kill me for this picture
Lo also tried on her BEAUTIFUL wedding dress. She looks like a princess in it, and I got lots of pictures - that WILL NOT be posted on here - at least not until mid October :)
Here is the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Keeling on New Year's Eve

Linds came over on New Year's Eve, and so did the Ringo's, the grandparents, and 4 of Stew's friends. 
I have never seen the movie "Step Brothers" but Linds said we looked like the cover of the movie in this picture
I'll let you assume what you want about the kind of partying Lindsey did on New Years...

Since Lauren and Chad aren't married yet she had to settle on a kiss from Cooper at Midnight :)

We had a fantastic time in Kentucky and enjoyed being there so much! We did so much more than I have pictured! We got to spend great time with my parents - see Stew at his 1st job - Starbucks in the Kroger on Bardstown Rd. in the Highlands, Jon got to play paintball with the guys of the fam - and Lauren of course - she wouldn't miss that for the world, we had a great time hanging out with The Laing's eating at Wick's, playing Wii at their lovely home, and going on an adventure to see the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". All in all it was a blessing to be in Louisville - and sad to leave, though we are happy to be back to life as we know it here in SUNNY southwest Florida where it was a beautiful 83 degrees today! We love all our family and friends in Louisville and can't wait to see you again.