Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birth Announcements become Christmas cards

I have always wanted to send out Christmas cards! And this year we are going to! Since Anderson is 7 weeks old tomorrow (and forgive my lack of updating but being a mom takes up a lot of time!! - I will get around to it soon I promise!) I figure it is a little late for birth announcements so we are going to use our newborn pictures to send out our very first Christmas card! And Shutterfly has a great deal right now! If you are a blogger you can get 50 FREE Holiday Cards click HERE to find out more. We got our newborn pictures back last week and they are soo good! Which I am shocked by – not because of our photographer Jason Coobs, but because Anderson screamed the whole time!!! But we definitely got some good family photos! We are lovin our little boy. I will post some pictures soon! And I can’t WAIT to get our holiday cards made so make sure you check out all of shutterfly’s adorable designs!

Can't wait to choose one but for now here are a few of my favorites...

You can check out the ones you like best HERE!