Saturday, March 31, 2012

18 Months Old

I seriously cannot believe that my son is 18 months old! He has transformed right before my eyes from this tiny, helpless baby into this smart, capable little boy! There is no greater joy than being his momma and watching him grow and learn and kissing on those sweet cheeks! The Lord is so gracious to give us children, not only for our own sanctification, but also for a small taste of his overwhelming love for us!

We have Anderson's 18 month check up on April 10th so I will post his stats then, but for now....

Here are a few of Anderson's favorite things:
- His dog (or doe-ga as he says it)
- Cows - he loves cows and asks daily to watch videos of cows on youtube. He also has a very enthusiastic "Mooooo" in his vocabulary.
- Motorized vehicles - he is obsessed with cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, and anything else that goes "bbbrrrrmmmmmm". The garbage truck is a particular favorite. We watch it every week!
- Mowing the lawn - I guess this sort of goes along with the last one but he has a special love for mowing. When we go on walks we always take the path that passes the nearest mower. Anderson also loves to beautify our neighborhood with his bubble mower, and help daddy when our yard gets mowed!
- Goofiness - nothing makes Anderson laugh more than a silly face or someone falling or dropping something. He loves when we talk in silly voices or sing crazy songs. He has a class clown personality... We are really going to have to learn how to choose wisely when silly is ok and when it is not. But right now it makes life so fun!
- Thomas the Train
- Being outside - so thankful for this early spring!
- Watching other kids - when we go to the zoo Anderson prefers to watch the other kids instead of the animals!

These are just a few of the things we are loving these days! His favorite foods are peanut butter, yogurt, sweet potatoes, and macaroni and cheese! He is also a really big talker! I was writing down all the words he says in his baby book and I thought of 48!!! Some of my personal favorites are "po-bo" which means peanut butter, "zuessss" which is shoes, "bau-bols" (bubbles), and when you ask him what a pirate says he enthusiastically says "Aaarggg" with a deep scratchy voice! I laugh every time!

Another thing that Anderson loves to do is use the word "up" and "down". He does it all the time either by squatting and standing straight over and over saying "up, down, up, down" or with his toys lifting them up and down! I think he is so smart :)

He is such a little bundle of joy! But I will go ahead and admit, I may have a little baby fever now that he seems like such a little boy! But I just love him so much I can't imagine loving another one! Of course I know I could, it is just so hard to imagine!

But for now we are loving life as a family of 3! And I am one blessed lady with a precious son and wonderful husband who is an amazing daddy to that little man!!!!

Ephesians 3:20-21
Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6 months in pictures

The last time that I blogged was Anderson's first birthday, and at the end of this month he will be 18 months old, so needless to say I am WAYYY behind! So starting with October I have posted some pictures all the way up until today (not a ton just- just the big stuff). We are all well in the Malko family, but 2012 has brought about some BIG changes. Among the biggest, Jon stepped down from his position at Highview to pursue his own business. The whole process brought about a big transition for all of us, but after much prayer and seeking we knew that this was what was best for our family. The Lord has truly blessed us through this process and given us so much confirmation that this was the right choice. Jon's business is going so well, and it has freed our family up from some stress and allowed us to spend so much more time together! Another major change is that we have become members of Sojourn Church here in Louisville. This was another tough decision for our family since we really do love Highview and the church body there have ministered to our family in so many ways. We prayed through this decision for a while. We live quite a way away from Highview and Sojourn is just about 3 minutes from our house. We really felt that distance was hindering our community and involvement so much. After visiting Sojourn, talking with some of their staff and finding a community group that we were excited about we knew that this was the direction that the Lord was leading our family. We officially became members about 2 weeks ago. We feel so blessed to be apart of the Sojourn community and are excited about the opportunities to serve that the Lord has in store for us.
Anderson is getting sooo big, but I think I will wait to post all the new things he is doing until he is officially 18 months old!
And with no further delay, PICTURES!
For Halloween Anderson was a Spider. I made his costume and he LOVED wearing it! He even wore the hat the whole time without trying to take it off!
At the Fall Festival at Highview
Spider Boy and Us :)
So Handsome!
Helping decorate for Christmas
Our sweet little man in his Christmas PJ's
Swimming in December - We had so much fun visiting Jon's Family for Christmas :)
Petting Baby at Grammie and Papa's House
So cool at Granna and Pap's House
Fro-yo at the Summit
Anderson outside today!