Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quick update

Just thought I would give a quick blog update! It seems to be awhile between my posts these days. I blame it on the fact that I no longer have a computer, just an ipad and it is not easy to post from an ipad. But anyways...

Anderson is 20 months old now! I simply cannot believe that in 4 short months he will be 2! Crazy! He talks like crazy and I am fairly certain that there is not any word that he is unable to say! He can basically repeat anything that he is in the mood to say, which make a vocabulary count impossible! Among my favorites are "chime" (he repeats this in unison with our home alarm each time we disarm it - and laughs at himself - haha) "choo choo", "Anderson" which sounds more like An-ner-sin, ""night night","milk" which sounds more like Mulk, and "Chock" which means chocolate - and he is obsessed with chocolate. He thinks about it first thing in the morning when he wakes up - and we have rarely even given it to him. It seems like ever since Easter he has LOVED "chock". He also has started using sentences. Last night he wanted Jon to lift him up so he said "up high dad" and he has started to give everything ownership - "dada's shoes", "momma's cup" (which he says pup instead of cup). He also is starting to know the songs we sing to him. I will sing and leave out words and he will fill in the missing word. His favorite is to say "STRONG" in the Jesus loves me song! He also loves to sing Old McDonald and fill in the animals and animal sounds. Sometimes he says animals I didn't even know he knew! Yesterday he said "Chicken" and "bock bock" which i have told him a million times but he had never said it! Crazy how fast they learn! He has also started laughing at things he sees on tv and saying "Oh NO" when say cars crash on tv. He is so fun and such a joy. I feel like every day it is more of a blessing to be his parents!

Jon's business is going great! He is such a hard worker and I am so blessed to be married to such a self motivated, hard working, selfless man. And I appreciate so much that as hard of a worker that he is, he truly does put his family first! We have had so much fun together lately now that Anderson is a little older and it is so sweet to watch Anderson and Jon form sweet traditions together - like mowing the grass, and walking to 7/11 to get a "fresh" (haha) chocolate chip cookie. Jon is also going on a mission trip to Boston with Sojourn at the end of this month. He will be doing some video work along with getting to minister to families in the community where they will be serving. We are so blessed for him to have this opportunity, but boy will we miss him being gone for a whole week - it is the longest we will have ever been apart! Crazy!

I am doing great too! Working 1 day a week at Joseph's and spending the rest of my days with Little Man! I am also starting to teach a class this week at Sojourn. It is a 5 week study called "Methods" that teaches women to study God's word on their own using the method of Observation, Interpretation and Application. I am excited and a little nervous about it! I really look forward to getting to know some ladies better as we study God's word together!

We are loving life and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our family!