Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Malko

I haven't given an update on the baby lately because well, other than "everything looks good" you really know about as much as we do. We have had such a "normal" pregnancy. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have really enjoyed being pregnant and haven't had too much difficulty at all. I am still even fairly comfortable besides not getting much sleep at all. We are 38 weeks today, so our little man could come anytime - he is basically finished developing and could function perfectly outside of the womb - only he seems to really like it there :) We had a doctor's apt this morning - we have them now every Tuesday morning until he comes, and "everything looks great". We haven't started any of the labor process - he is still quite cozy in there and isn't trying to break out that we can tell at least. This could change any minute according to the doctor and there is no speeding it up or slowing it down - a great reminder that the Lord is in control! The birthing process is, even with all our technology, such a miracle and such a mystery! Jon and I cannot wait for Anderson to arrive - not because I am miserable or sick of being pregnant, but more just because we can't wait to meet him and hold him in our arms. We plan to wait it out as long as the Lord chooses to keep him in the belly... knowing that there is no accident or mistake from our creator! He is still working on our son! BUT the Dr. will not let us go over 41 weeks so sometime in the next 3 weeks our little man will make his grand appearance! We are so excited and praying for him daily. I am so humbled that the Lord would allow us to be the parents to such a precious little child that has the potential to do so much for the Kingdom! Join us in praying for Anderson, for his last little bit of time growing inside of his mom, for a smooth and natural birth, for his sweet little heart that we know will have a natural tendency towards sin - and our graciousness and lack of naivety as we learn to understand this, and for the Lord to use us as his parents to direct him toward Christ! May the Lord one day do a miraculous work in his little heart - even more miraculous than the forming work his has done on it so far! And may our son follow Christ with reckless abandonment!

We can't wait to update you with a picture :)


Friday, September 3, 2010

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