Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Miss Fort Myers

Since I was finally able to load all of our pictures onto my computer, I can fill all of our loyal blog readers in on the last bit of time we spent in Fort Myers... the week before the week before we moved - no I did not accidental type that twice, i really meant the week before the week before we moved - my family (minus Lo) came to visit. Here are some pictures...
Jon and I at Ichabod's
Me, Stew, and his friend Brandon
All of us to dinner at Ichabods
Stew hanging out with the Gorilla at Jungle Golf

Stew and I at Jungle golf - he wanted to drop the golf ball and try to get it in the picture - do you see it?
When my family left we got serious about moving. Saturday before Easter, Brooke and Tori spent all day at our house - the truck was mostly loaded and we were doing last minute cleaning and packing the "little" stuff - but WOW did we have a lot of little stuff! We could not have done it without them! LATE that night - like 9pm we FINALLY finished and treated them to dinner at Jason's Deli - MAN we MISS these girls!!!

Jon and I on Easter - our last Sunday @ McGregor :(

Jon enjoying his Easter bunny with his Grammy
Jon and his papa checking out the load Jon had to pull - I can't believe he drove this 1000 miles!
Jon and his papa right before we pulled out :(
Jon and I - our last few seconds @ Paseo!

We are loving Louisville, but we do miss Ft Myers, and the sunshine, and our lovely home in beautiful Paseo, and most of all our friends and family! We can't wait to visit, it couldn't come soon enough!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1 Year of Marital Bliss...

Jon and I took 2 weekends to celebrate our anniversary. On the actual day, May 16th, we just relaxed together, slept in, went to lunch, open gifts, went to see my bro dressed up for Jr. Prom, went to eat at Jack Frye's - which by the way was the ABSOLUTE BEST meal either of us had ever eaten in a restaurant! We also saw a movie - but it was boring! Here is a pic of us dressed up to go to dinner on our actual anniversary...

I got Jon a picture that he liked of me from after our wedding for his office and a subscription to car and driver magazine!
Jon got me a charm for my Pandora bracelet that is silver and gold with "M"s all over it! I love it!
This past weekend (The 22nd-24th) Jon and I went to Chicago to get away together for our anniversary! We stayed at an amazing hotel called the W Lakeshore and it was awesome! Here are some pics of our room...

There was a window that went from the bedroom to the bathroom...
And since it was our anniversary they gave us a lakeview room and breakfast vouchers... here is the view from our hotel window.
While shopping on the Magnificent Mile we found this lego store that had crazy things made completely out of legos...

Here is us in the giant bean in Millennium Park...

We also visited the Art Institute of Chicago! They had some pretty amazing works of art there that surprised us! We were able to see the American Gothic by Grant Wood, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, and a ton of Monet's work!
Saturday Night we went to see Legally Blonde the Musical on Broadway and had SO much fun!
And our FAVORITE thing we ate all week was Portillo's Chicago Hotdogs! Yes we had Chicago Pizza, and went to a really nice place to eat before the show, but we ate here TWICE it was SOOO good!
We also visited Navy Pier

And OF COURSE we road the Ferris wheel - which we could see from our hotel window!

We had a great time! What a joy to celebrate one year of marriage to Jon! He truly is my delight :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reasons Why I Need My Camera Charger

1. Tomorrow is Jon and I's 1st wedding anniversary
2. Tomorrow is also my little brother's Junior Prom
3. Sunday-Tuesday Meg, Liv, and Whitney are coming to visit
4. Friday Jon and I leave for a weekend trip to Chicago to celebrate our wedding anniversary

(It would be sad not to capture this all on film....)

5. Our blog has been devoid of pictures for far to long
6. We haven't even SEEN the pictures from our move
7. Non of Jon's family, or our FL friends have seen pictures of where we live

And the list goes on....

Dear UPS

I'm sorry I wasn't home when you brought my camera charger - I didn't know it required a signature :( Please bring it back...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Lookout

For my camera charger! In our move from Fort Myers to Louisville we packed our camera charger - somewhere - and it is still packed - somewhere - SO.... I ordered a new one (since there in no way we can unpack all the things that are still packed into our little apartment), and it should be here TOMORROW! woohooo, which means I can FINALLY upload and post pictures from our move, PLUS use the camera again! Especially for Saturday which is our 1 year Anniversary. My how this year has flown by! So, please UPS, delivery my charger on time :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

We had a great time celebrating Mother's Day yesterday! We went to church, and in church Jon's 1st video that he has made for Highview played - it was a video interview of 2 families in our church who are going through/have gone through the adoption process. It was wonderful! (Mom cried and I was close). Dr. Moore delivered a powerful message on adoption, but vertical and horizontal. We were challenged to not keep reaching back to the orphanage (the world) but to remember that we were adopted - past tense - and we are now sons and heirs, living for the inheritance that is promised us.
After church we went to my parent's house for lunch. My grandparents, and my dad's sister and her family came over. We had a yummy lunch of lasagna, bruchetta, and salad followed by wonderful desserts (Cherry Delight, Beatty's Chocolate cake - thank you Ina, and Strawberry cake). Then we played Cornhole in the backyard and just enjoyed the day. I had never played cornhole before and it was so much fun!

For Mother's day this year we got my mom, Jon's mom, and Jon's grandmother Pandora bracelets (well my dad actually got my mom the bracelet so we just got her a charm). I love my Pandora Bracelet - it is a new kind of charm bracelet where you add beads that actually slide onto the bracelet. Here are the charms we got the mothers in our lives.... (Jon's mom's first, then Jon's Grammy's, then my mom's)