Friday, July 31, 2009

I admit it

I admit it, I am a terrible blogger, or at least I have been lately. I don't really have an excuse life has not been busier than normal. We do have some new things going on. Jon has been accepted to Boyce college to begin his bachelors (again). He will be working towards a BA in Christian Leadership with his emphasis on Church Leadership. I have also been accepted to begin my Masters degree. I will be working towards an MA in Christian Leadership with my focus on Women's Leadership. We both start classes in just a few week. Jon will be taking 3 and I will be taking just 1 to start! So pray for us as we begin this new journey attempting to be students, husband and wife, and full time employees all at once!

Another exciting thing coming up is that Jon has been asked to go to Guatemala to do some video of the mission work that our church has been doing there. He will go August 22nd - 25th with just our Senior Pastor, his son, and one other man. We just found out YESTERDAY! and the trip is in 3 weeks! But nevertheless Jon is so excited! What a great opportunity!

Well, we are loving life, praising God, and as busy as ever! We miss all of our friends and family in Fort Myers, and all over the place! We are excited for our dear friend Lindsey Poenie to be moving back to Louisville on the 15th! And we PROMISE to post some pictures this weekend!

Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry It's Been so long

Sorry it has been so long since the last blog update! We have had a lot going on lately - and I have a ton of pictures to post once I get them loaded in my computer! But for now here are some highlights of recent/upcoming events...
  • My baby brother turned 17 - how did this happen?
  • Jon and Janal Hughes came to visit
  • Jon got into and out of Karting all in a 3 week time period - haha
  • Jon and I are turning in our applications to both become students (again) in the fall!
  • Jon's mom arrives on Thursday to visit for the weekend - a double plus - fun with Jon's mom whom we miss, and a great excuse for a 3 day weekend!
  • Chad's birthday celebration is tonight at my parents house
  • Today and tomorrow Jon is attending a Media Conference for those who work in churches/Christian organizations. It is called Gurus and he is having a great time so far - learning so much, networking, and getting some inspiration! A Hiatus of sorts!

So check back soon for some awesome pictures! Thanks for keeping up with us!