Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry It's Been so long

Sorry it has been so long since the last blog update! We have had a lot going on lately - and I have a ton of pictures to post once I get them loaded in my computer! But for now here are some highlights of recent/upcoming events...
  • My baby brother turned 17 - how did this happen?
  • Jon and Janal Hughes came to visit
  • Jon got into and out of Karting all in a 3 week time period - haha
  • Jon and I are turning in our applications to both become students (again) in the fall!
  • Jon's mom arrives on Thursday to visit for the weekend - a double plus - fun with Jon's mom whom we miss, and a great excuse for a 3 day weekend!
  • Chad's birthday celebration is tonight at my parents house
  • Today and tomorrow Jon is attending a Media Conference for those who work in churches/Christian organizations. It is called Gurus and he is having a great time so far - learning so much, networking, and getting some inspiration! A Hiatus of sorts!

So check back soon for some awesome pictures! Thanks for keeping up with us!

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