Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Friday Night

Last night Jon and I had several friends over to the apartment. My sister Lauren and her fiance Chad, Lindsey Poenie, Kristy White, Lauren Farmer, and Alyssa Laing! We had a blast just hanging out and laughing at old times! I think back fondly on the college days, and miss hanging out until ridiculous hours, and studying at Java, and being around so many friends who are in the exact same life stage as myself - that in between stage - where your schedule is different ever day and more flexible than you even realize! But honestly I prefer where I am right now - I love being Jon's wife, and the keeper of our home, even the cooking and the laundry is a delight! But times like last night make me thankful for the path the Lord guided me through to get me here! I have sweet friends :)

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