Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend recap

What a nice weekend! I haven't had a weekend that felt so long in a while! My good friend Stacy Scroggins celebrated her Birthday on Saturday, and in celebration she got a room at the Marriott on Marco Island. She invited me along, as well as 2 girls that she works with, and we had a great time laying at the beach and the pool on Friday and Saturday!

While I was relaxing at the beach Jon got us at 7:30am and went "mountain biking" with 3 guys from our Sunday School Class. I know I know - how do you mountain bike in Southwest Florida where there isn't so much as a hill? Well there is a course built up in North Fort Myers - apparently it is pretty hard core - they went down a black diamond (did I mention this was Jon's 1st time) Only minor battle wounds incurred.

On Saturday Night we went to dinner at Moe's with Jon's grandparents, and then to see the movie Defiance with our friends Tim and Tiffany. It was a FANTASTIC movie about a group of Jewish Refugees that escaped from the Nazi's by living and traveling through the forest for 3 years - a tear jerker!

Backstage was AMAZING last night. One of our Senior Guys, Tariq Castillo brought the God's word in a powerful way! Our students experienced true worship last night, and it was so encouraging! Jon and I are so excited about what the Lord is doing in our high school ministry! Please continue to pray with us for God's glory to be revealed to our students, and for their lives to be changed so much that they impact Southwest FL and beyond with the gospel message!

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Jonathan Malko said...

Sounds like a pretty lame weekend.

- Jon