Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life is Busy

Life has been so busy lately - and I know I have totally neglected the blog! I will give you an update on like for the Malko's....

This past weekend we had a GREAT time hanging out at the High School Lock-in @ our church (even though we only stayed til midnight) it was a blast!

At our Backstage program Sunday night 2 students prayed to receive Christ - Jon had the opportunity to pray with one of the young men - it was awesome! Please join us in praying for our Student Ministry and all of the exciting things the Lord has in store this year!

Jon worked ALL weekend but we still were able to relax and watch some movies - we HIGHLY recommend Netfilx! Especially if you have xbox 360 because you can stream movies from the Internet right to your TV with NO wait time! We stayed close to home and had a great weekend!

It is FREEZING here - I know I know everyone from up north would be in shorts here right now - but to us Thin-Blooded Floridians i am FREEZING! I'm talking wool sweater and closed toe shoes - I'm not sure how people handle the FROZEN TUNDRA that is Louisville right now! haha!

Change is happening - and no I'm not talking about President Obama haha! Our lease is up in April, an Jon and I are still trying to decide what direction the Lord is leading us! To buy to rent to stay to move - we are coming close to making some choices through much prayer - so if you think of us pray that the Lord will open and close doors to place us in the place we can serve Him best!

Have a GREAT day!

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laura said...

That's awesome that 2 people prayed to receive Christ! Sounds like great things are happening through your ministry! Hope you are staying warm! And we are freezing here in Louisville! Can't wait for Spring time. :)