Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brookie's B-Day

On Saturday Night Jon and I went to the Birthday Party of a girl in our Student Ministry, Brooke Jennings. Brooke is a junior in High School and just turned 17, and she is very close to Jon and I. I actually disciple Brooke, we have done several Bible studies together, and most Wednesday nights she stays the night at our house and we spend some time at Starbucks before I take her to school on Thursday! She is an awesome girl and we were so glad to celebrate with her. Her party was actually a surprise! Here are a few pics...
These are some of her friends waiting for her to arrive...
The story that her mom came up with was for Jason, Brooke's boyfriend to tell her his grandparents were in town staying at a hotel in town (where her mom had rented a room for the party), and that he wanted her to meet them... here they are pulling into the parking lot.

Brooke's mom was so nervous - she was cracking all of us up!

Some of the girl's ready for Brooke to walk in the door

Brooke's REAL surprise face - haha

Here is a picture of Brooke and I
Some of the high schoolers hanging out
Brooke opening out gift to her
Tori smashed a cupcake in Brooke's face - she was a good sport!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Brooke's face was stained purple - haha! Good thing they went to the movies where it was nice and dark!

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