Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scary Dr.'s Appointment

So... I never get sick really, and even though I have great medical insurance, I have yet to be to the Dr... until today. I randomly selected a Dr. in an area I was familiar with, and made an appointment. I thought... HEY, they are on the list of my insurance, and I know where that is, it's gotta be good..right? - WRONG! SO i go into this TEENY TINY office with very "sketchy" looking people and I sign in. My initial thought was - LEAVE NOW - but I thought - no Brooke, you should stay. You are sick, and you need to get well - so stay and at least get checked out. When they told me they didn't accept credit cards I paid with cash and took a seat in the faded - not very clean looking waiting area that was about 7x7. I wanted for about 30-40 minutes - which isn't out of the ordinary at a doctor's office. I was called back to see the Doctor. She brought me in and inputted some stuff in the computer - naturally I began to tell her what was wrong - BUT she never asked - she didn't even ask me how long or what the symptoms were or ask me to explain anything further. In fact she just listened to what I said without EVER asking me a single question. She then took out a very dated looking "ears and throat light thingy" and looked in my ears. I had told her I had a soar throat and maybe had some blisters. She didn't do a throat swab or take my temperature or anything! All she did was look in my ears and write me a prescription for FIVE medications - 5???? What in the world... She then asked me if I needed a note for work, and I said no. She insisted that I take one in case i decide to stay home and rest tomorrow, plus she said "You don't want to get anyone sick". So naturally I asked if i was contagious. She said MAYBE - MAYBE? What kind of doctors says that you may be contagious?? Needless to say I will not be filling my prescription and I WILL BE finding a new Doctor - geeesh!


Christy said...

Oh my goodness. That's awful! I would call your insurance company and notify them. They don't have to carry that doctor. Dr. Brian Martin is excellent. He is off Red Cedar and Summerlin. Their number is 936-7171. Get well!!

Cody & LaRae Davenport said...

Oh dear!! That's horrible--I wonder who that was?! Anyways, we have gone to some incredible doctors in our time, if you're ever interested in getting a few names! Just let me know! Hope you're feeling better!!