Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Christmas Parties

This weekend we had many Christmas festivities. I went to an ornament/cookie exchange hosted by Carol Redmond - Janal's mom. Jon and I also went to an "Ugly Sweater" party and Jon and Janal Hughes' house, and caroling with our Sunday School class. Here are some pictures (in reverse order) BUT first I wanted to post a picture of our new front door decoration - the snowman! Our door is so long that if we hang a wreath it looks crazy high up, so we got this long snowman that hangs down the whole door and we love it!
These are a few of our friends in our Sunday School class
And Jon and I in the church van going caroling - these are the only 2 pictures we took.
Here is everyone at Jon and Janal's about to play a pretty heated game of catch phrase!
Here are Jon Hughes, Tony, and Jon hanging out in their super cool sweaters!
Here are the Christmas Tree cookies Jon and I decorated
And here is Jon hard at work decorating his...
Here is the host and hostess, and Janal's sister Lovey haha!
These are the cookies I took to Carol's cookie exchange - Meringue cookies - they are really fun and easy to make - and to cook them you preheat the oven to 350, put them in, and turn the oven off - you then leave the overnight! They are simple and yummy!
Here is Carol and Jen - Jon Hughes' sister in Carol's kitchen - Carol did not want her picture taken :)
Here are all the cookies that I brought home from the cookie exchange - well not ALL of them - Jon ate a few before I could take the picture :)

Here is Janal and I at the cookie exchange
And last but not least Jon and I in front of the Hughes Christmas Tree in our lovely Christmas sweaters - haah!

I'm not really sure how these pictures got all out of order - but I hope you enjoyed them! We had a great weekend which led to a very exhausting Monday - but it was well worth it! We are so blessed with great friends - but mostly with a GREAT Savior who we can worship and celebrate not only at Christmas, but all year around!

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