Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jon's Birthday

We had a great Thanksgiving with Jon's family - tons of food, and tons of fun. Jon also had a great birthday! He got new turn signals, taillights, a shift knob, and a new BMW badge for his car. He also got cologne and the Starwars The Force Unleashed video game (which he is playing as I type). For Jon's birthday I surprised him with a weekend trip to Savannah, GA. Jon went to college in Savannah (SCAD), and I had never been. He is always going on and on about how awesome it is and how much he would love to visit with me. He was so surprised! I wrapped a big box that had "supplies" for his "birthday celebration". It had cookies, peanut m&ms, cheezits, chewy bars, a sweater, and a travel guide to Savannah. Jon was SOOOO surprised. We left Fort Myers around 5pm on Thanksgiving, and arrived in Savannah around 1am. We had incredible weekend! Tomorrow I will post pictures and more details when I get them all loaded on my computer! Needless to say, we are glad to be home - but not quite ready to go back to work ;)

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