Saturday, February 27, 2010

Other Happenings

Well, now that the big news is broken there are some other happenings in the lives of the Malko family. We are so thankful that we were able to sell my car - the X3. WE had been praying that the Lord would let it sell quickly so we could be able to save more money as we wait to meet Baby Malko, and it did! Praise the Lord! For the past 2 or so weeks Jon and I have been a one car family. Honestly I have enjoyed it. Despite the occasional inconvenience it was so nice to have that little extra time together. We shared so many laughs and good times just riding together to work and back! Well, yesterday, while I was at work from 12:30pm - 10:30pm (The Adopting for Life Conference is happening as I type at SBTS), Jon bought us a 2nd car! WOOHOO! He picked me up in it last night and I absolutely love it! It will primarily be my daily driver since it was my daily driver that we sold, and honestly it doesn't even feel like a downgrade, but it is financially 1/3 of what we had paid for the x3! It is a black Mercedes ML500 (suv)! I was elated when Jon pulled up in it last night! My dad found it for us from another dealer that had gotten it as a trade in. - THANKS DAD! So we are finally a 2 car family again. It will make the flow of life so much easier, but I will definitely miss those sweet times with Jon!

In other news, Lauren and Chad, my sister and brother-in-law are grandparents - haha! Their dog cooper just had puppies! Cooper is a boy - but they bred him with our Uncle's dog. So once the babies are weened from their mother Lauren and Chad will have a new little girl Yorkie pup! They are so excited, and the puppies are adorable! You could hold 3 of them in your palm they are so tiny right now.

Jon and I have both been super busy at work, but it is because we have been working on exciting things! Highview got new projectors and screens in the sanctuary this week, and Jon is very excited about them. The old ones were very faded and washed out and everything he filmed looked extremely dark and dull, but now it will be bright and vibrant. At Southern we had 3 major conferences this semester, and we are on day 2 of the second one! It has made for a busy February, but the 2 conferences we have had thus far have gone really well! It will be nice to be back to a routine once we are past them!

On March 10th Jon and I get to go and hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! WE are sooo excited! We have SEEN the heart beat by an early untra sound but we have not heard it yet. We cannot wait to hear the heartbeat of our sweet baby that the Lord has been sustaining! It is so unbelieveable to read about how the baby is developing, and humbling to know that the Lord is fulfilling his promise as he knits he or she together! The Lord has been teaching me so much through this proccess. My prayer life has been impacted in a huge way. The Lord has been teaching me to pray more intentionally, it began with our baby, but has spilled over into so many other areas of my prayer life. I really feel the sanctification proccess taking place in our home, and it is such a blessing. Praying that the Lord continues the great work he has begun, trust that he will because he is always faithful!


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