Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentines Day Jon and I are going low key so that we can take a little mini-vacation in July. We are going to Fort Myers for our Friends Ray and Heather's wedding - Jon is in the wedding! Since we are already going to be there we decided for V-day and our anniversary we were going to go super low budget and then stay a few nights on the Beach while we are in FL in July! I am really excited about it!

This year we are going to cash in on some gift cards we have been saving since Christmas. For Valentines day we are going to go to Bristol downtown, and then maybe see a movie!

We want to know what everyone else is doing for Valentines day. Comment and let us know!

Here is the Link to our Valentine's post from last year! It was our first one as a married couple. Blogs are great for reminiscing!



LaRae Davenport said...

Since my mom's birthday is on valentines day, and this year she turned 50, she wanted all her kids together! So, we headed down to Orlando and we all went to disney :) We had valentines day/mom's 50th birthday dinner in Cinderella's Castle--it was so fun! Probably the best valentines day we've had...with the exception of our 1st one together dating :)

Lynsey said...

Lucas and i usually do not celebrate this holiday (besides little things that i plan) but this year he actually wanted to do something! so-we spent sat evening and sunday morning at inn at the park bed&breakfast :) it was soo nice!