Monday, March 8, 2010

Could it be Spring??

This weekend's weather was simply divine! I didn't even realize how much I missed the sunshine! Living in Fl for the past 2 1/2 years really made me accoustomed to sunshine almost every day, and this gloomy winter has almost done me in! Since I worked all last weekend I was ablt to ake Friday off as well so this glorious weekend lasted 3 days for me - and it was soo needed!

On Friday I was able to run some errands, and Jon and I were able to celebrate my Dad's birthday with my family.

On Saturday Jon and I worked hard around the house to get it in tip top shape. Dusting and Vacuuming and doing laundry - it is amazing how far behind you can fall on these things when you work nearly 2 weeks without a day off! We relaxed a lot on Saturday as well and just enjoyed each others company making a semi-late night run to McDonald's for some Hot Fudge Sundaes!

Yesterday (Sunday) was probably my favorite day of our weekend! We enjoyed worship and fellowship with our Highview Family. Then we had a nice lunch at McAlister's with my mom dad and brother. Afterwards I was so thrilled with the weather that I wanted to get outside and do some of the work on our house we have been waiting all winter to do! Jon pulled all of the old ugly metal awnings off of the windows, and I sanded down the swing that we will soon be painting and hanging on our front porch! Then Jon cleaned out the garage - we still had several boxes stowed away in there, and I Sanded our back door to prepare that to be painted as well.

I have been debating what color to paint my swing, back door and front door.... I'm open to suggestions if you have seen anything adorable! I have considered yellow for the swing but am not committed! We want something colorful to make our house look young and fun! Please tell me what you think! Or send me links to pictures of adorable ones! I need some inspiration!


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