Monday, June 17, 2013

BLUUM box and Citrus Lane box REVIEWS! JUNE 2013

Today I received my first BLUUM box, and my first Citrus Lane box! I was really surprised at how early they arrived! My initial thought on the boxes is that the Citrus Lane box was significantly smaller than the BLUUM box. Which was a bit surprising to me since they are the same cost. I will review the BLUUM box first. It is for a 7 month old girl....

The theme for this month is "sitting" which is great for us because that is exactly what stage our baby girl is in! The box was pretty heavy and packed full! I was impressed already on first glance.

Here are the Contents:
This book is so cute and comes with a rubber ducky bath squirty...
There are actually 2 Sippi Grips in this package, and they really have great grip on them so a sippy would not slip out of them! We will get a lot of use out of these starting in the next few months. I had another brand with my first and the sippys did sometimes manage to slip out!
These are baby sunglasses with a band to keep them from falling or being pulled off. We may use them, but they are not terribly stylish. The band however is soft and has a velcro closure so it can be adjusted to fit any head size.
I have never had a water thermometer for my children's baths, but I will most likely use it.. I just never bought one for myself.
The box also came with an Ella's Kitchen organic squeeze pouch, a vapur "The Anti-Bottle" water pouch for adults (or children), a parenting book called Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five, and a guide to early reading for your baby and toddler (an information booklet).

I loved this box! I was shocked by how many items it contained and that there were really no "samples". The parenting book alone is marked on the back as US $15 (which is what I paid for the whole box with a discount code). Here is the value (I googled each item):
Bath book and toy - $8.99
Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five - $15
Vapus "anti-bottle - $9
Ella's Squeeze Pouch - $1.99
Sippi Grip 2 pack - $15
KIdz Banz sunglasses - $17
Dreambaby bath thermometer - &7.99 on amazon - other providers offer it for $3.99

Total - $70.97 (using the cheaper price for the thermometer) - An excellent value at $25 for a one month subscription!

Now onto citrus lane...

This box was on the light size, which was a little disappointing considering it's already much smaller size. It is for a 34 month old boy. Here is the initial view
The card gives a list of what is inside. I was disappointed to only see 4 items.
The first item I saw was an iPlay sun hat. The one pictured on the card was a cute colorful hat, but mine was plain white - which i was not very impressed with. It is rather large and not terribly stylish. Not sure I will use it.
This is a Haba Toy sand castle mold, and again mine is more plain than any pictured on the card. It is ust basically a brick - a sandcastle wall is how the haba website describes it.
I loved this chalk, and so will Anderson! the gripper keeps their hands clean - which i really appreciate.
Last, a sample size of Episencial sunscreen.

Honestly, i was pretty disappointed with this box. it was my first so I was able to get it at a discount, but had I paid the $25 for the month I would have been very disappointed! Here is the cost breakdown:

iPlay hat - $7.99-$12 (differing sites)
Sandcastle mold - $4.74
Chalk - $4.56
Sunscreen - (2.7 oz full size is on sale for $11.85 So I will be generous and say this is worth...) $9

Total Value: $30 and that is using hte $12 price for the hat

I have a credit on my citrus lane account so I will probably get on e more month - maybe this was just an off month, but based on the contents of this box, I would not renew if I did not have the credit. It seems to me that the only thing my son will be excited about is the sidewalk chalk - which was the item with the least value. Sorry Citrus Lane, but BLUUM blew you out of the water in my opinion! 

Here is a coupon code to both companies if you are interested - you may have loved the things in my CL box, and if so go for it! Maybe next month's box will be great! But, I would HIGHLY recommend BLUUM! I was thoroughly impressed!

Also if you sign up through my links, I will get a credit to my account!! 

BLUUM Code: PAMPERS - not sure when this code expires! BUt I would pay full price for this box honestly!
Use my link to sign up! 



Nikkie said...

I wish I would have read this a month ago. I too tried Citrus Lane with a coupon code and was less than impressed. I guess I should give Bluum a try :0)

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