Friday, June 28, 2013

6 months old

I seriously cannot believe my baby girl is 6 months old today! (Partly because I keep thinking she would be 6 months on the 29th, not the 28th haha - I just can't seem to keep it straight! - he brother is September 29th). She is such a joy! Here are some baby Camille updates:
-she is so smiley! When she first wakes up she is just tickled and can't stop showing off that sweet toothless grin!
- she LOVES her daddy! If he is in the room all she is doing is trying to get his attention!
-she sits up great!
- she gets up on all 4s and rocks back and forth. She can move her knees but hasn't quite gotten her hand movement down yet, but full on crawling is in our near future!
- she loves food! (Total opposite of her brother). We haven't given her much more than table food to suck/ chew on. Apples, carrots, avocado, pears, watermelon, mango, mashed potatoes, and perhaps a few other things! She can't get enough and when we take it away she cries and cries!
- she laughs easy and is really ticklish
- she loves mommy to sing to her - you are my sunshine is her favorite!
- she loves her granna and lights up when she talks or sings to her!
- she has a tiny bit of stranger danger and does not like to stay in church nursery!
- she goo's and ga's like a champ! And when she cries it sounds like she says "ma-ma" which I think is pretty sweet because it sounds like she is wanting me :)
- she is seriously so pretty! Those BIG eyes and luscious lashes melt my heart (I think her eyes may turn green)
- she seems to love wearing bows and has never tried to take one off or acted like it bothers her- that's my girl!

I am seriously so in love with this little bundle! Her squishy legs are quite possibly my favorite thing ever, and I could just talk to her all day! I look so forward to developing a sweet relationship with my daughter. God is so gracious to have given us these precious children. Our hearts are so full!

I will do a little update Monday with some stats after our checkup!


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