Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Delinquent Blogger

I know that I am totally a delinquent blogger. I have neglected our blog for quite sometime now for no particular reason other than I have wanted to post pictures but have been so busy that I haven't loaded any onto our computer in a while. In fact, we have been so busy we have not taken nearly as many as we should. My friends (particularly Jenna Hellekson) have been reminding me of my delinquent tendencies, so I gave into the peer pressure and decide3d to update the long overdue blog!

We have had so much going on lately! Conferences for me at work, Jon being so busy at work, and attending a conference himself! Baby stuff is also so consuming, not to mention trying to get our house ready for Anderson's arrival!!

Here are some things that have happened in the past few months...
  • 2 Years! Well since the last time I updated was May 7th, I guess since then Jon and I have celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. We went to dinner at Vincenzo's - a wonderful fancy Italian restaurant here in town. We had a fantastic time talking about the wonderful, and not so wonderful things we went through over the past year, and looking forward to this year in ways we can better serve one another!
  • Jon and I started to feel Anderson kicking around 19-20 weeks (very shortly after my last post). Now he is HUGE and kicks constantly all the way up to my ribs now, not only can we feel him but we can see him which i enjoy the most! I love the feeling and wouldn't mind if he moved around all day every day! It is so neat how he recognizes us - particularly Jon, and he moves differently when Jon talks to him than anyone else! I reallyt think Anderson can even recognize the feel of Jon's hand when he touches my belly!
  • My little brother turned 18 and graduated High School - this is unreal to me!
  • Jon and I took a trip to Orlando with Highview to serve at the Pastor's Conference for the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention. It was such a wonderful and exciting time as our pastor served as the President of the Conference. We (particularly Jon) were able to meet some incredible godly men who have impacted God's Kingdom in a lasting way! It was an honor to be a part of something so much "Greater Than" us! If you want to check out the "Backstage Videos" that Jon filed check them out here.
  • Jon sold his car - this seems to be a small hobby of ours - I guess we have joined int he family business - haha. We have been trying to cut our budget back so that I can stay home as much as possible with Anderson. Once it was sold he purchased a "new" to us cheaper car that he loves and is having a ton of fun driving and doing small fun inexpensive things to make it nicer! He got a 1991 Mazda Miata. It is red and gets unbelievably low gas mileage and is one of the most reliable cars ever made! We are having fun zipping around town with the top down and were blessed to find one for so cheap and in such good shape!
  • Jon installed a new bathroom sink into our little bathroom that was in desperate need of a makeover! We put in a pedestal sink that looks incredible, have 1 coat of paint on the wall, and are in love with it already (pictures to come)
  • We went to Fort Myers to visit, take our family vacation, have a baby shower and participate in a wedding! We just got back last week. We were in Fort Myers from July 10th-17th and had a wonderful time with our family and friends! Jon and I were even able to get away just the 2 of us for 2 nights and 3 days at the Jupiter Beach Resort just north of Palm Beach for a babymoon! The Scroggins' Family recommended the place to us and we LOVED IT! We also enjoyed getting to visit First Baptist West Palm Beach and to have lunch with the Scroggins and Brandon Shields! Also while we were there Jon was in his great friend Ray Flowers' wedding. It was a great ceremony and reception and a fun time for Jon to spend with his oldest friends! Another wonderful part of our trip was the sweet baby shower that my friend Meg threw for us! I had such a wonderful time catching up with so many sweet ladies that I miss seeing so often! Jon and I are so blessed to have so much love and support from our family and friends that live 1000 miles away!

Some things we are looking forward to:

  • Baby Shower #2 this Sunday! My wonderful friends Lindsey Poenie and Alyssa Laing are hosting a shower for some of the girls our age and I am so excited to celebrate our little man! We have another shower coming up in August hosted by my sis and sweet family friend Lynn Ringo as well!
  • More home renovations - Jon and I have a plan to finish the upstairs in about a month so that we can move upstairs and finally set up the nursery! I'm getting kind of nervous about it since....
  • We only have 10 weeks left in our pregnancy!!!! I cannot believe how quickly it has FLOWN by. We cannot wait to meet our little man!
  • We have our 1st baby class at baptist east this Thursday night, and several more to follow in the weeks to come! I am excited to learn all that we can to prepare us for Anderson's arrival!

Whew - that was a lot of updating! If you have stuck with me this long I am impressed! I will try to be more consistent updating! You can join us in praying for the rest of our pregnancy, that Anderson develops completely, and that our delivery goes smoothly. We plan on doing natural childbirth, and I am equal parts excited and nervous, so lots of prayer for that would be appreciated! We have been so blessed throughout this pregnancy and have been praying prayers of thanksgiving for the Lord's provision and the way he has used our family and friends to show us so much love and support! The Lord is so faithful!

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Jessica said...

sooooo funny... we were at FBCWPB too! we were there that last two Sunday's I guess it was the 11th and the 18th... can't believe we missed you all :o(