Friday, May 7, 2010

Belly Pictures

I know that these are long over due, and we haven't taken many, BUT my belly hasn't changed THAT much - the bump is relatively small - or at least it was in these pictures, I feel like over the past few days it has changed quite a bit so you may be surprised when I post next weeks - I'm going to be more constant and taking them and posting them now that things seem to be changing more quickly.

This is me on April 8th at 15 weeks

This is Jon at 15 weeks as well! haha! He will probably die that I posted this - he has NO belly bump ever - lucky man!

This is me at 19 weeks - the day we found out that we were having a boy!

A close up of Anderson right before we got to see actual pics of him.

Jon the right before we went to the Dr. to find out we were expecting a little boy - this picture was too handsome not to post!
Here is our little guy! Throughout the entire ultra sound he was making a little sucking motion with his mouth - he looked like he was trying to suck his thumb - he kept moving his little hand so close to his mouth but couldn't quite make it - you can see his hand and the blur motion of him trying to get it to his mouth in this picture....

You can see more of him in this one... my mom says his round forehead looks like mine and we all agree that his mouth and chin resemble Jon - that is our best guess so far - you can see his two little hands folded together near his mouth and at the right you see a knee and a foot above it. At the bottom you can see his little spine - so precious! We can't wait to meet him!

There are a few more pics on facebook if you click the link below you can probably see them but I think these 2 are the best!
This past weekend we registered at babies-r-us! It was really fun - my favorite things are the stroller and infant seat! I love the colors!
I feel like my belly has grown so much over the past week! I will take a picture tomorrow - I will be 20 weeks - HALF WAY! I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Continue to pray with us for this little miracle! That he grows healthy and strong, and that he will come to know the Lord as his Savior at a young age and serve the Lord faithfully with his life! Pray also for Jon and I, we are confident that the Lord will supply us with all we need! We just want to be the best parents we can and to worship the Lord with the way we raise our little man!!


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