Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life is busy

It has been so long since I have posted, but life has been so busy. This weekend I have the High School Girl's Retreat for Highview Fegenbush, and I have been so busy with the details of that. Also, my sister's wedding is next weekend, October 9th! We have had showers, and have been making plans, and are soo excited! Jon is still loving work, though he is as busy for every. He is also doing very well with his first semester back to school and is loving classes! My one class is going well also. SO all around life is good.

Jon's mom will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, and we are so sad not to be there to celebrate with her! (But her gift is in the mail :) ) But we miss Jon's family so much, as well as all of our friends in FL. We will be going down for a visit in December and can't wait! Though we have so much to do between now and then.

We are loving the fall! It is my first fall in 3 years, and Jon's in much longer. The cool weather is so refreshing. It makes you want to be out all the time - what a reminder of God's grace in our lives as the seasons change. Can't wait to see some colorful leaves, and visit Huber's Orchard to pick some pumpkins!

We also have some BIG news. We have a house under contract! WE have come to an agreement with the owner on price, and now are just waiting for the inspection to clear so we can close! WE are so excited to purchase our first home, and we just love it! It is right off of Eastern Parkway - a great location, and it is cute as a button. All brick, with hardwood floors a separate dining room, a 2 car garage - all the things we were looking for. Also, it has an upstairs that is not yet finished as well as a basement that is finish-able. These are some long term projects that we are excited to take on! Can't wait to have you all over for dinner!
A few changes that we hope to make are to remove the awnings, add shudders, and plant some landscaping - on the outside. WE also have a porch swing we will be painting and hanging on the front porch! We can't wait to move in towards the end of October!
Pray for us as we move into this new season of owning our own home, pray for the neighbors in our new community, that we can build great relationships and be a light on Lydia Street, pray for Lauren and Chad as the are joined together in the Lord through the gift of Marriage, and for the Highview Fegenbush High School Girl's retreat - the the Lord will be brought glory, and that the hearts of the girls will be impacted for His Kingdom!


laura said...

Congrats-that is so exciting! :)

LaRae Davenport said...

What a cute house!! Congrats!! We're thinking of embarking on the house search soon....I'll have to call for advice soon!! :) Congrats again and I'm sure you'll make it gorgeous!

April Schadt said...

Brooke - the house is adorable - it is really close to where Dustin grew up! I can't wait for you to post pictures - i know great decorating runs in your family!