Monday, August 24, 2009

We made an offer

Today Jon and I made an offer on a home here in Louisville, so we thought we would share some pictures. It is a cute ranch style home built in 1958, and has only had 1 owner! The lady took impecable care of the home, and though a few things could use some updating it is totally move in ready! We are praying that the if this is the home that the Lord would have us in, and if these are the nighbors that the Lord would allow us to be a light to that the offer will go through. We will know very soon, so please join us in praying!
This is the living room, and under all the carpet is beautiful hardwood flooring that is alreay finished!

This is the view from the dining room into the living room. If you notice EVERY SINGLE room in the house is painted this same pale pink, even the baseboards are this color! haha! Task #1 (if we get this home) = new paint!

This is the kitchen. It still has the original stover from the sixties in perfect working condition.

This is the huge basement that they have "finished"! It will be a great space - there is even a little chalkboard on the wall for kids in the future :)

This is the large backyard. We would love to pour a nice big patio out here so we can enjoy the lovely weather here in Louisville!
Thanks for all of your encouragement to Jon and I, and the prayers as we venture on this new journey!

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The Petersen Family said...

How nice! I hope you guys get it!!!