Monday, November 10, 2014

Young Living Oils

SO recently - about 6 months ago started using Young Living essential oils. I was very interested up front because we prefer natural remedies, eating organic, and using "real ingredients" - wether that be for eating, cleaning, or treating ailments! What really pushed me over the edge was a close friend who had a cavity. In between the time she found out about it and when she went to get it filled she started putting thieves oil on it. When she went in to get it filled she didn't have a cavity anymore! the dentist couldn't believe it - but I could! and I was sold haha! So we bought a starter kit and started using the oils for ailments that we had. My husband really struggles with allergies since we live in the Ohio River valley - and he did not grow up here. He started using lavender, lemon and peppermint oil (mixed with coconut oil) and amazingly his allergy symptoms were relieved! We use lavender on little cuts and scrapes that our kids get constantly - and lavender and cedar wood to help our kiddos rest at night! I LOVE peace and calling essential oil - it is has helped us with coughing fits and those meltdowns that are unavoidable with toddlers! Basically I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Young Living Oils!

In fact - we love them so much that I actually became a distributer - i don't do it much but really just to help out friends and family that were already interested! 

If you have any questions about essential oils please feel free to email me at:
brooke (dot) malko @ gmail (dot) com

Here is the kit I bought to get our family started:

(On November 17th Valor and Peace and calming will be replaced with Mel-A and Citrus Fresh)
When you order a starter kit you automatically become a young living member and get 24% off all future purchases!
If you would like to order a starter kit for your family, feel free to email me with any questions or CLICK HERE to order yours today! 
Some Simple Instructions:
1. Make sure to choose "wholesale member" to enjoy the benefits of membership!
2. The Premium Starter Kit ($150) is the one pictured above and the one I recommend (there are several to choose from. This one includes 11 5ml oils, samples, literature and a home diffuser)
3. Do not sign up for essential rewards - instead click "No, thank you". You can sign up for ER later - once you love your oils and decide you may order more regularly!



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