Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 years old!

Our Big 2 year old - waking up to his morning Birthday Balloons - he loves this tradition and had fun swimming in a sea of balloons when he woke up!

 On September 29th We were so excited to celebrate Anderson's 2nd Birthday with a day full of Fire Truck celebrations! He is such a sweet, smart, loving little guy. It is such a gift that the Lord has entrusted him to us! He loves cars and trucks, mowing the grass, and playing outside. He can recognize more than half of the letters in the alphabet and tell words that they start with, like "A" Anderson, "O" outside, "M" momma, etc... He can also count to 10 - and he does it really quickly - it is so cute. He talks so well and says things all the time that surprise us. He is so smart at figuring things out and has even tried to work a deal with us a time or two - "Anderson eat peas, Anderson get M&M's" - haha. We have laughed more in these past 2 years than we ever could have imagined. We have also gone through seasons of sleep deprivation, re-learning how to do everything, more prayer, more trusting the Lord, and more hope for our future than ever before! Children are truly a blessing from the Lord!
Started the morning off with Donuts! Anderson's favorite.

Then we took Anderson to the fire station to see REAL fire trucks - here he is with his daddy!

Anderson was shy around the firemen but he loved the engines!

All of us together

Party decorations

For weeks Anderson talked about having a fire truck chocolate cake. He was thrilled.

I love how excited he looks.

We just had a small family party, but we had to invite the Laing family since he and Liam are such sweet buddies. They are excited about something!

Sweet friends

Anderson's Pap playing with his new tool bench

Aunt LoLo pleaying with his new leaf blower.

Anderson got so many great gifts - TOO many!

He also got a Big Boy bed!! He has transitioned so well with sleeping in it. We are so thankful for that blessing!
I also cannot forget to add that after 2 mornings of making up his bed first thing, Anderson decided on Morning 3 to take it upon himself to start making his bed up the moment he woke up! It was so cute! I walked in the room and he started standing up his bed pillows and saying "Aersin do it" (Anderson do it). Gotta love my sweet little OCD boy - I seriously cannot complain because he has to be the cleanest, tidiest 2 year old that ever lived!


laura said...

Such a cute party! And I love his room-you have made it super cute, but still boyish! :)

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