Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anderson at the Zoo, and Baby #2

Summer has been HOT, but we have been trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible! Anderson would never come inside if it was up to him, and even on days when it is too hot for me, the best daddy in the world makes sure to let him have a little time to run off some energy in the neighborhood! Here are a few pictures from a trip the 3 of us took to the zoo this past week.

Anderson hanging with the Gorilla

Anderson and his daddy - this is Anderson's "happy face", which I am crazy about!

He has a little ways to go to be as big as the gorilla - notice the melt your heart happy face!

Right now we are 17 weeks pregnant (18 weeks on Friday) and feeling good. The baby bump is definitely showing more than with Anderson. I will have to get some pictures up soon. We get to go next Friday - August the 10th - to see another ultrasound and to find our the gender of baby Malko #2! I seriously cannot wait. We will be keeping the results a secret for one whole week - which I am nervous about! I hope I can hold out for that long. Jon's mom and grandfather will be visiting us the following weekend so we have decided to do a small "gender reveal" party with all of our family that is here that weekend. So look for the news around the 17th!

 Everything seems to be going great with this pregnancy, but it has honestly been completely opposite from my pregnancy with Anderson. I was never sick, not even one day with Anderson, but with the pregnancy I have experienced quite a bit of sickness. I also craved orange juice and other acidic things with Anderson, but with this pregnancy I have craved spicy and salty foods. I also am a lot more tired this pregnancy, but that could be that I spend my days chasing a toddler and not manning a desk at the Southern Seminary! We are looking so forward to growing our family by 1, but are also nervous about all of the changes coming our way - and more specifically coming Anderson's way! We have been spending our time loving on that little man as much as possible knowing he will be sharing us sooner than he could expect!

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