Sunday, August 28, 2011

11 Months and counting!

It has been way too long since I updated! We are loving life and have been so busy! We took a wonderful vacation to the beach the first week of August and Anderson LOVED it! He loved the pool the most and loved being in the ocean and was ok with the sand! He did so great and was such a trooper staying up super late so we could all go out and have lots of fun. We relaxed, ate great food, and got lots of family time in - MUCH needed family time!

Anderson has been growing so much and has officially put all of his baby-ish attributes behind him and is more of a little boy than ever! Here are some new things with him:
  • Anderson has become such a talker! He babbles all day every day and is saying some real things too! He says "Hi" everytime he sees a phone and to basically every person that walks past him. He says "Bye Bye" "All Done" "Dog" "Duck" and some others. His favorite word is "That" - and EVERYTHING falls into this category. He points and says "that" and I tell him what "that" is! Another funny one is "Dad" - not dada. When he hears the back door open around 5:30 every day he yells "DAAAAD?" (I added the question mark because that is how he says it, in a very questioning tone. It is hilarious!
  • Anderson LOVES his night time doggie! He gets it out of bed with him and drags (literally cleaning the floors dragging) it all over the house with him. I often will put his dog int he position with a toy like he is playing and Anderson thinks this is hilarious.
  • Anderson can locate body parts - if you ask him where his belly is he will pull up his shirt and show you. He says the word "eye" with a very country accent mind you - it sounds more like the "aaahhh" and points to your eye - he particularly loves doing this to people with glasses. He can also locate your nose and mouth - but not his own yet.
  • Anderson can drink out of his own cup and eat puffs from his snack cup all on his own. He likes a wide variety of different foods now and can even hold a whole banana and bite it himself. He has become a little eater and really is hardly ever full I feel like. Yogurt is probably his favorite food, and he loves toast with jelly for breakfast! (We also found out that Anderson is allergic to eggs - it was a very bad experience with a scrambled egg - yuck! Hopefully he will grow out of this!)
  • Anderson has his 3rd tooth that has broken through and 3 more that are very close! My guess is that by his first birthday we will have 6 teeth! I mean these 3 are so close that they have made him pretty grumpy lately! We are very thankful for orajel!
  • Anderson took his FIRST 3 STEPS yesterday! He took 3 steps twice - and then he was ALL DONE with that - not even wanting to try anymore! We will see what we can get him to do today but we are super excited for him to transition to a walker!
  • Anderson LOVES books and brings them to me constantly to read to him and gets really excited when I start a book. "Eight Silly Monkey's" is his current favorite followed closely by "Tractor's" a touch and feel book his GiGi got him!
  • Anderson's play time has really transitioned. He is no longer very interested in stuffed animals. He loves trucks and "drives" (pushes) them all over the house saying "Brrrrrrrmmmm". He loves taking things out and putting them into anything. Buckets, toy baskets, the cart of his train, etc. I sing the clean up song while he puts things away to help him learn to clean up!
I think that is about it as far as new stuff goes. We are loving our little man, that is for sure! He is such a blessing and a constant source of joy and laughter in our home! I cannot believe in a month that he will be one year old! My how our lives have changed over this past year! Looking forward to celebrating his little life!



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