Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

I had such a wonderful Baby shower hosted by my sweet friends Alyssa Laing and Lindsey Poenie! All of our friends were so sweet to celebrate with us and to provide so many wonderful and adorable and necessities for baby Anderson! Here are a few pictures from the shower - these are actually from Alyssa, I still need to upload the ones from my camera!
Mom sis and I:

The hostesses and I:


And more friends!

We have another shower coming up on August 22nd hosted by my sis and my mom's sweet friend Lynn Ringo! It is so fun to celebrate this new chapter in our families life.
Another exciting thing is that we ordered our infant car seat last night! It is a "babies r us exclusive" and keeps going in and out of stock which was making me so nervous that it could go out of stock and we couldn't get it to bring Anderson home! So we used some gift certificates and a coupon and ordered it last night. Can't wait for it to arrive.
Jon and I have also been excited about the new life stage and have spent hours talking and planning ways that we can really make Christ the center of our family, especially for our son. We are really excited to pray through this and seek wisdom from the Lord and others he has placed in our lives as we implement changes in our home to better honor and demonstrate Christ to one another and our friends, family and neighbors. We have really enjoyed some of the baby classes Baptist East has to offer, and are excited for the up and coming conference hosted by Southern "Connecting Church and Home". We really want to take advantage of every opportunity to parent and lead our family the way God has created us to do. You can join us in praying this for our family and especially for Jon as he leads us in this direction.

I know I haven't posted any belly pictures in a while, BUT on Saturday we are having maternity pictures taken by the wonderful Mr. Jason Coobs! Jason also did our wedding pictures and we were just thrilled with them. SO keep your eyes on his blog next week and maybe you will get a sneak peak, but once we recieve them I will definately be posting some belly pictures :)


Tony Kummer said...

Not sure if you made it to the conference at SBTS, but I posted some notes on my kids ministry blog

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