Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Diet of a Pregnant Woman

I haven't so much been craving weird or unusual things just very specific things like....

  • Orange Juice - during the first trimester I drank OJ for 3 meals a day
  • Eggs - or any Breakfast food for that matter
  • BLT's - this is what I have for lunch nearly every day!
  • Milk chocolate - which is weird b/c I normally prefer dark chocolate
  • Green Beans - which I have never eaten before in my life but now I love them
  • Grapes and Apples
  • String Cheese
  • A salad from the Outback - not sure why but this specif salad is what I want
  • Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos from Bonefish Grill - this is a new one, but I have been thinking about them all day haha
  • Root Beer - maybe this is because it wasn't until I was pregnant that I realized it was caffeine free!

Things I DO NOT want that I used to love

  • Coffee - this is the main thing - i usually drink coffee every day and now the only coffee I could stomach is the fancy stuff not just a plain cup-o-joe.
  • Diet Coke - i just don't ever really want it anymore
  • Fried food - I can and have eaten it but I wouldn't pick it
  • Yogurt - I know it is good for you but the thought of it isn't good

I have no idea why I want or don't want all these specific things, but as far as I hear it is common! Any Preggers out there wanna share what they love or hate??


Brooke and Brian said...

I have been wanting corn on the cob with every meal. And chocolate ice cream. Grape soda (which I figured out was caffine free!). Also been craving bagels and Chili's queso. :)

Jessica said...

FYI Not all root beer is caffeine free. Barq's has caffeine (hints their slogan Barq's has bite) & Also, I always craved outback salads with ranch dressing!!! I always wanted to go out to a steak serving restaurants so we could get a steak & share it. I always sold it with, You can have the whole steak!!! I just want the salad & bread!!

The Petersen Family said...

SO FUNNY you said root beer...I drank it SOOOOOO much while I was pregnant, and now I cant stand the thought of drinking it! ha!
I was also OBSESSED with watermelon :)

Lindsey Corey said...

Your list of cravings is almost exactly like mine! I haven't drank soda since I was like 13 & all I want is root beer, grape or orange soda lol! I've also survived on sugar cinnamon toast. Everything else I've craved has been fruits & veggies or seafood. The doctor told me that if you have a craving its usually your body's way of telling you you're lacking a particular vitamin or nutrient. Look up the foods you crave & see what they're good for...You might be surprised :) Especially at how they correlate with certain developmental phases at the time you're craving them! Its just another example of how amazingly God created us! There's no way that's random coincidence lol!!!!