Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Kitchen

For those of you who know me, you know the the kitchen is my FAVORITE room in the house. I LOVE to cook, and I just love how people congregate in the kitchen! My love for the kitchen has made the process of putting in a new kitchen so much fun! I adore our appliances and cannot WAIT to use the stove for the first time! Last night we picked out our kitchen cabinets. Once we close on Friday the order will be placed for them and we will have them in around a week. (We wanted to make sure everything goes ok with the closing before we placed the order just to be safe). So... here they are. They are not the EXACT set up that we will have of course - this is just a floor model, but this is the style of cabinets we will be getting. We will not have a Range hood like the one in the picture because we have an over the range microwave, but we will have a tall pantry like the one in the picture... So this is basically just the finish and style, but you will have to wait with us to see our set-up!

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