Thursday, February 12, 2009


We have been so busy over the past few weeks. What better way to update then a pictorial?

Several weekends ago I went on a girl's overnight trip to Marco Island to celebrate my friend Stacy's birthday! Here is Stacy and Holly enjoying birthday Key Lime Pie :)
On February 4th we celebrated Jon's Grammy's Birthday

She had 2 cakes (I made the chocolate 1!)
Doesn't it look yummmmy?
Last weekend our church took a group of girls to the Revlove Tour! We had a great time! Especially on the way home when I ran out of gas 20 miles from home! That is what happens when you get a bunch of girls together running their mouths! Haahaa... Here are some of the girls pretending to hitch a ride!
Maria Dow was our HERO! She was about 10 miles back and stopped to get us back! She beat AAA by a long shot!
Here are the girls in my backseat! They were so patient!!

Jon loves his hobby of Auto Cross, and is excited for me to go with him the next time. He is convinced that I should drive - I, on the other hand am not so sure... Here he is drawing a diagram of the course for me, and explaining to me when I should break or give it gas... I love his passion for everything he does :)
Monday night Jon too me to get Sushi @ my FAVORITE Fort Myers sushi restaurant, Mr. Mee's! I, of course, got the crazy roll...mmmmm I think you can almost taste it just by looking at the pic!

We have a lot more coming up, so stay tuned...

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