Saturday, January 11, 2014

Camille is 1!

I seriously cannot believe my baby girl is 1! It is so crazy how with your first you are ready for every milestone and basically aging them up before they really even get there, and with your second you can't help but look at them and think of them as a bitty baby! I guess it is easy to do with a big wild 3 year old running circles around her! She is seriously so precious y'all - and feisty too haha!

Here are some sweet milestones we have reached:
-has taken 14 steps - but not walking yet
- has 3 teeth all on the bottom - I know weird right?
-eats anything and everything - except peas (tonight she ate sausage and peppers for dinner, Anderson had leftover spaghetti haha)
-says: momma, dad, bubu (for anderson), nana (granna), pap, mooo, bock bock, rrruufff, light, yeah, no no, nigh nigh (night night), hi, bye, "her uh do" (here ya go), yay, mmm ma (for kiss), mmmm mmm (for yummy)... i think that is all? I am sure I will think of something else once I post this haha.
-she is a total lover girl - always hugging and kissing someone or something! 
-she makes eyes at her daddy any time he walks in the room! He is her favorite!
-she laughs easily and often
-she is VERY tickelish
-she loves to play rough and wrestle! she gets so wild it is hilarious.
-she can crawl safely up and down the stairs - don't worry we always watch her closely!
-she plays very well independently - something her big brother still has a little trouble with

And here are some of her 1 year old pictures that the very talented Brittany Culver with Halo Photography took! I am smitten with our little lady! And i am sure you can see why ;)


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